Latina Launches Fingertip Fetish

Adrienne Bailon, one of my favorite Latinas in the entertainment industry launched her new vegan nail polish line called Fingertip Fetish this weekend. Nail polish aficionados love some funky colors with even funkier names and inspiration. The first collection, of I am certain many collections to come, by Adrienne Bailon is inspired by her Nuyorican roots. NYC has inspired the colors and names of the polishes, everything from those taxis that flood the busy streets of the city to the hoopers of Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty that watches over the city. I personally am super excited that this nail polish line is VEGAN since I am a vegetarian myself, very thoughtful Adrienne!

Photo Credit: Instagram @adrienne_bailon

Photo Credit: Instagram @adrienne_bailon

Support Adrienne, a proud Latina and entrepreneur! Latinas support Latinas. The nail polishes should be available to buy starting today, Memorial Day at queLatina can’t wait to get a hold of some of these colors and show you how to use them to keep up with the latest nail trends!


No olviden SPF

fun in the sun

Play safe con el sol!

The issue of skin cancer hits home for me. My dad dealt with it when what he thought was an annoying blackhead that would not go away, turned out to be skin cancer. Skin cancer is still not taken as seriously as it should be, therefore it will continue to be a growing problem. Though I enjoy more than anyone to soak up un poquito de sol all summer long, I also know que se tiene que respetar el sol.

So here’s my personal PSA, please wear some SPF whenever you are going to spend some QT with sun rays. It is widely agreed that the higher the number of SPF the less useful it actually is because people take advantage of the idea that they have a higher protection and aren’t as careful with how much time they spend soaking up the sun before re-applying their SPF. So throw on an SPF 50ish, and don’t forget to reapply if you’ll be out and about all day, especially after dipping in a pool or the ocean.

With MDW kicking off the summer, I know tons of people will attempt to start up their summer tan, so I wanted to make sure I gave my personal advice. Because what we might think is fun in the sun, could turn out to be deadly. Please respect the sun & your beautiful skin!

Disfruten MDW, summer’s here, let’s goooo!!

the maxi dress for women…and men!


Maxi dresses are a women’s best friend and a man’s weakness. As the weather se sigue calentando, comfort and coolness is what us mujeres look for in clothing. That’s where the maxi dress comes in. Made to flow effortlessly over Latinas’ curves, the maxi dress can catch and most definitely hold a man’s glare.

When the weather starts warming up, you hear men everywhere commenting how excited they are to see the maxi dresses making their debut. Countless guys have told me that the maxi dress is their favorite article of clothing for chicas to whip out in the summer months. It is the staple of the season changing. So here are some tips on how to wear the maxi dress todo el verano. I learned how to wear the maxi for my Latina curvy and thick body through trial and error, so spare yourself the try-ons and take-offs, and use these tips!

Stripes can be flattering or bad news.
If you are a thick and with it mamasota avoid stripes on your full-figure.
For a slimmer hourglass figure, stick to thin stripes.

Pair With A Jean Jacket or Vest
Want a way to wear the maxi into the cool summer nights? A jean jacket will always go well with a maxi. If you want to dress down the maxi during the day, pairing it with a jean vest will add a casualness to this comfy go-to.

Wedges or Sandals
Wedges are a great way to make a comfy maxi a little more formal. They also help if you are a petite chica and always find the maxi dress to be too long and must beg mami or abuela to help you hem it.
Sandals can often be swallowed up by the length of a maxi, so try to go with a very strappy gladiator or a sandal embellished with tons of chunky rhinestones, this way they’ll stand out beneath the length of the maxi.

Latinas’ Lean In Debate

The following for Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In does not seem to be dwindling down anytime soon. In fact, with the addition of Lean In Circles, the number of women ‘leaning in’ continues to grow. I recently read a response from a Latina to Sandberg’s suggestion to lean in, and it left me feeling a little disappointed in the passion of Latinas.

Sandberg advises women, all women, not women of a particular race, but all women, to take charge of their professional growth. As women, we have numerous stereotypes we have to overcome, and as Latinas we have that much more of these to put down. A Latina’s response, suggested that by taking Sandberg’s advice, we would, as Latinas, live up to the stereotype of ‘bitchy’ or ‘needy’ or ‘excessively demanding.’

If we want to break down the stereotypes and gender roles set for us within the Latino/a community, then we must allow ourselves to be criticized, we can’t hold back. By taking the burden of shattering stereotypes in order to advance our women, we are able to create progress in our culture, and lay a clearer road to success for the Latina youth. Because of the nurturing nature that women, especially Latinas, are raised to have, we have allowed these guidelines to trace the path for us instead of forging a fast route to success by stepping over the guidelines and drawing up our own.

Of course when you become an assertive Latina in the workplace you may hear commentary such as, “Look at her, demanding so much, typical Latin woman.” But when you put aside the fear of criticism, and take charge, you will get ahead, you will help other Latina women know it is OK to be demanding, because after all, that is Sheryl Sandberg’s message for ALL women, we are not demanding enough. And maybe being demanding is a stereotype we should own.