Couch Correspondent: 2013 MTV VMA Show

Well another awards show bites the dust. Tonight I enjoyed tweeting commentary on the 2013 MTV VMA show. Here were the few highlights of the show:

Grande voice. Ariana’s Grande voice at the pre-show proved she deserves a spot next year on the main stage.

Bieberless Is The Wave. Selena Gomez always has red carpet fashion nailed. Her classiness is on point, though I’m annoyed her bff Tay didn’t get the memo and they both wore navy. Matching with your friends is only cool when you’re 13. Miss Gomez also took home the first award of the night, Latinas always win.

Bye Bye Bye. Speaking of being 13, I travelled back to that age when Nsync performed! Justin Timberlake had his very own concert at the VMAs but NO ONE was complaining.

Pequeño on a Pedestal. Another Latino who sang his little pipes out and took home a moon man as well was Bruno Mars. He’s always performing up on a pedestal..we know you’re short, come on down from there!

Macklemore’s Message. Awkward moment with Jason Collins and A$ap Rocky, but Macklemore’s “Same Love” performance was exactly the balance that was needed at the VMAs tonight.

Yikes. Hannah Montana was dead before, she just got buried 6 feet deeper. The biggest disaster of the night was Miley Cyrus. Billy Ray is somewhere comforting Liam and figuring out if Malibu’s has a twerking rehab. From the creepy teddy bear leotard to the pancake booty peeking out under those tan colored panties. No. No. No. Why Robin Thicke agreed to share the stage with such a calamity I will never understand.

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Why We Love Quisqueya

Today was the Dominican Day Parade in NYC, so let me share what makes everyone enamorarse de Quisqueya.


No one can resist a good mangu! Have you ever seen a Dominican’s breakfast too? They pack on a hefty full course meal to start the day off right with everything from eggs to mangu or platanos y salami tambíen. Delicioso, now go invite yourself to dinner at your Dominican friend’s house tonight!


I love me a Dominican man. Latin American men are able to romance a woman very easily, but Dominican men have nailed their game. With the perfect blend of macho and softy, they win over our hearts.

La Isla

I don’t know anyone that says they don’t dream about Caribbean vacations. Dominican Republic is an island full of culture y gente amorable. Tons of tourists take to Punta Cana, the all-inclusive resort capital of the country. The beaches are blue, the sand is soft, and the drinks keep on pouring. What’s not to love?

this was my view while I tanned on my last trip to Punta Cana

this was my view while I tanned on my last trip to Punta Cana

Read On

I took a Caribbean Culture class as part of my Spanish lit & culture major and there’s endless poesía y ensayos from Dominican Republic’s history that capture the essence of the Dominican culture. I find it important to bring back to life some literature that might get lost in the lit books and never absorbed by Latinas/os, unless they choose to study this major like I did. Recomiendo the essay Ahora que vuelvo, Ton by René del Risco Bermúdez. It’s just an essay so if you haven’t polished up on your español reading skills, no worries this isn’t crazy long. Also, Dominican author Junot Díaz’s book This Is Why You Lose Her is a great read, predominantly in English, with a couple little Spanish phrases here and there, and a lot to relate to for the Latinos growing up in the states, especially NY and NJ.

Apps on Apps on Apps

My iPhone and my iPad mini are glued to my hands at all time, though don’t get me wrong from time to time I hop on the ‘technology break’ bandwagon. I am only this attached to technology because it’s necessary for my generation to be connected in order to grow our personal brands, and do it quick. Staying connected wouldn’t be as pleasant without the latest apps that make our connectivity fun AND resourceful. I have recently become infatuated con dos apps that I’m sure will win page one priority on your iPhone and iPad too (or other smart phone or tablet–sorry I’m an Apple fan)!
Pocket is an app I’ve been using for a few months now. Ever been without Internet connection and realized how much you wish you could read those articles you have saved while having nothing else to do? Well Pocket solves that. All I do is forward any articles (once you’ve signed up–it’s gratis no worries) to the pocket email address and refresh my pocket app while I have Internet connection. That’s it. And you have a library of everything you want to read waiting for you on your no WIFI moments. This works wonders for me when I’m on the train and have no WIFI on my iPad mini. You can also log onto your Pocket account on any computer, so you have remote access to todos esos articulos waiting in your queue.
Pose is for the fashionista that lives, either shyly or loudly, within us. You can see the breakdown of those outfits you spot on Pinterest that you spend tons of time imagining actually existing in your closet, except on Pose you can actually figure out how to make them a part of your wardrobe. Some of the looks even have the links to purchase the pieces you see. I am not a stylist myself, but I do love keeping with some of the trends and I enjoy pulling inspiration from those who are more fashion savvy then myself. You can even enter your zip code and it’ll give you weather appropriate outfits-dressed up and dressed down-options everyday in your inbox. 

Ladies First…Girl, Get Your Guy

I was having a talk with one of my girls and it inspired me to share the advice with all of you. Social media has taken over our lives and meeting new people these days is done with a couple taps of your thumb. We aren’t really meeting people out places anymore, now we meet people through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc, or even an app like Tinder, which specifically allows you to match with people whom have a mutual attraction to you. So the old dating rules of the girl waiting around on the guy have switched up. But not all of my lady friends are ready to commit to role reversals.

I find myself advising many of my girlfriends to go ahead and make the first move. Sadly, though we were raised being told to go after what we want (academically and professionally), we were never taught that if we liked a boy, well we should say so. Especially in the Latino culture where machismo still lives, not as strong and mighty as it used to be, but it still lives. There’s nothing wrong with stating your interest and making it clear.

I see this trend changing as I watch my teenage sister grow year by year. When I spoke to her the other day about what I want or don’t want in a relationship she told me, “I don’t understand you people, maybe because I’m young, but why can’t you just say what you want instead of assuming or expecting someone else to assume.” That’s when the light hit. That was a really grown moment for her. The craziest part is, this 14-year-old’s advice is the best advice I’ve heard in a long time. So let’s discuss, why don’t we feel comfortable stating what, or who, we want.

Most of our holding back is fear. Fear that maybe by stating what we want we are being too forward for someone’s liking. Fear that by putting ourselves out there we are at greater risk of getting heart broken. Fear that if we text or call first we’ll seem desperate. Fear that by asking a guy out we are losing our femininity.

One lesson I learned is you have to do the things that scare you, those are the things that help you grow. If you always stay in your comfort zone, you are never evolving into the best you that you can be. And we all know that facing a fear can be empowering. These are enough reasons to make you whip out your phone and send the first message. But I’ll continue giving you the nudge anyways.

I’ve learned from my dating here and there not to let these fears hinder meeting new people. So what’s the worst that can happen if you go book the guy instead of waiting for him to book you? The absolute worst is you get turned down, in which case, obviously you two wouldn’t mesh, cross him off the list. The second worst, you get ignored. Let’s be real, you’ve ignored a guy or two in the past as well. The burn of being ignored will wear off as soon as a couple hours passes by and you forgot you even did the reaching out first. And the third worst scenario would be going on the date and hating it. We all need to learn how to date one way or another, so hating a date will let you know what you don’t like about someone and what you’d like to find in the next person you go out on the town with.

Dating, good or bad, helps you build your standards and learn about yourself. By going on dates, I figured out the deeper things I’m looking for in a partner. I must say, I haven’t regretted any date I’ve asked a guy out on. Whether it blossomed into more than one date or not, at least it helped me be a better date for the next guy I ask out. And with every date, I feel a little more prepared for my date with destiny, whenever he shall arrive in my life!

Don’t hesitate, call the guapo that you’ve been thinking about and plan a date to see him. Ladies first!