Scandal Recap & Gab [2.27.14]

Our favorite corrupt politicians are back! Last night’s opener to the rest of the season had betrayal written all over it. Washington knows no loyalty, and yet most of the episode revolved around Fitz’s choice for VP running mate, all based on this little-known trait amongst the White House circle.

But first let’s talk Liv. Her coat collection has grown along with her purse size and how could we not mention, the baby bump too. The effort to hide Kerry Washington’s growing bebe is appreciated for its inclusion of statement fashion pieces, but we all know she’s prego. I found myself playing where’s Waldo with Washington’s bump all episode long.

Betrayal #1: Daddy’s Little Girl

Byron means business, even if that involves his daughter a victim in the crossfire. Liv had her chance to enjoy Sunday dinners with Daddy Pope but let her “I’m always right” attitude sway her to side with her mother, who turned out to be the real bad one after all. Now Byron’s done. After listening to Fitz tell him how good his daughter tastes, yeah the writer’s revived that gem of a line, he’s out for blood. His run, Olivia, run speech me asusto.

Betrayal #2: James Is Not Cyrus’s Little Bitch

Indeed he is not, he’s his weakness, or so we found out at the end of the episode. We had to know by now that James is a journalist before husband. Nothing ties him down to Cyrus except for the eternal threats the monster holds over his head. James is done though, and with a little push and tug in the ethical department, he’s ready to free himself from the grip of the beast. Maybe the devil that took hold of Sally’s body when she killed her husband is sneaking into James? Uh oh.

Betrayal #3: The President Knows How To Pick One Just Like Em

We knew something was suspicious when so much of the episode was spent with Olivia trying to dig deep into the Vice President’s playboy habits. So he was in love once but let her get away. Except “her” is Mellie. Yeah, that’s right, Mellie has admirers! I had read last week in UsWeekly that Mellie would be getting a little love affair, and I’m so excited about it because guess what? If Fitz can have Liv, Mellie can have hers! And the nerve of Liv in the clip for next week’s episode telling Mellie she needs to cut whatever her and Mr. VP have going on!!!! REALLY! Mmmmfff.

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