Mani Madness

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With Memorial Day weekend around the corner kicking off summer, it’s time to get your manis and pedis on point. You don’t want to be caught at any cookout in the coming weeks with chipped nails or even worst, rough feet. Thanks to Instagram and Etsy, DIY mani-pedis are totally doable and even cheaper than getting them done. Check out some of my favorite nail art stickers, trends, and tutorial videos. And keep scrolling for mi abuelita’s tip that’ll keep your feet sandal ready!


Photo Credit: NailSpin on Etsy


Frida Kahlo at my fingertips? Yes, please! If you need a little inspiration from an accomplished Latina, you can have Kahlo’s iconic portrait at hand with these stickers available on Etsy from NailSpin for $6.00:







Photo Credit: MiniatureMakerSupply on Etsy


Dot it up. You’ve seen this tool is most tutorial videos, and you can own a set of your own ball stylus to master all sized dotting for your miniature masterpieces available on Etsy from MiniatureMakerSupply for $7.50:








Photo Credit: NailStencils on Etsy

Show your chevron. I love all things chevron and I don’t see this nail trend ending any time soon. It’s a great way to color block on your nails. Here’s some stencils to nail those classy clean edges, available on Etsy from NailStencils for $5.11:










Photo Credit: DecalGirlUSA on Etsy


Storyboard nail beds? I love when nail art travels from one fingernail to the next and you can see the entire story or portrait shown across all five fingers. My best childhood memory was picking dandelions in my grandparents yard and trying my hardest to bare them in one blow, so I absolutely felt a kid again when I came across these decals, available on Etsy from DecalGirlUSA for $3.85:









Photo Credit: Nails4Beauty on Etsy


Texture Texters. I’m a sucker for nails that are full of texture, after all I want to have something fascinating to look at while my thumbs are hard at work sending summer tweets. Caviar and Velvet are two of my favorite, check them out available on Etsy from Beauty4Nails for $12.00:










Photo Credit: DecalGirlUSA on Etsy



Flaunt your feathers. Sometimes all you want is to add a delicate touch of color, cue in peacock feathers, duh! Go on and shake ya tail feather all summer with these adorning your pearly white nails, available on Etsy from DecalGirlUSA for $3.85:









You gon learn today! Here’s some of my favorite nail art tutorial videos from Instagram and the artists behind them so you can follow and keep on learning.










Mi Abuelita’s Tip: When I was little I was practically allergic to lotion–not really, I just hated it: the texture, slimy feeling–and my grandmother never gave up trying to convince me to lather full-body before bed. Once I got to college, I realized my Buelz was right and my love affair with lotion began. The one tip that sticks with me the most though is Buelz’s tip for keeping your feet soft, so when it’s sandal time 24/7 you’re feet will look flawless and those #SOTD Instagram photos will make everyone have a shoegasm. Before bed, soak your feet in lotion, preferably a foot lotion. Then take a pair of your fluffy house socks and put them on with your feet all lathered up. Do this at least twice a week!


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