Beauty Bug #1: Fill Me In

Every weekend I got this bug, it makes me want to go to Ulta, Walgreens, and Target looking for a beauty buy. It’s a beauty bug and I catch it far more often than my wallet likes to be unzipped. I really only let myself splurge if it’s an item with practicality equaling its price. So with that I introduce my weekly Beauty Bug, not just something to squeeze into your make-up bag for shits and giggles–these are must haves–tested, approved, and used routinely by yours truly.

This weekend I finally found love at first sight. No really, when I saw how perfectly filled in my eyebrows were, I knew it was time to swipe that card cha-ching. The way an artist approaches their canvas is how I approach my make-up regimen. It’s my special time to get in tune with my inner Picasso, but for years I’ve just never felt like the portrait was complete. I’d accept my make-up as good enough (I’m also okay with going natural too), it just seemed like something was missing.

I’ve known for some months now that ‘that something’ was my eyebrows. I once gave eyebrow filling a shot when I purchased a pencil filler. NEVER AGAIN. I naturally have bushy eyebrows, I get them cleaned up but not too thin because I really like thick eyebrows, except that when you fill in thick eyebrows with a creamy pencil, you’re already-thick-hair clumps together and you end up with a sticky, bushy mess. The gorgeous woman who I’m loyal to for my eyebrow waxing always has her brows looking on point, so when she got done waxing mine this weekend I said, “Please tell me how you get your eyebrows to look SO good. Do you fill them in?” To which she responded, “Yes! I actually use our product from here (European Wax Center). Sit down let me do them.” Not only did my girl fill them in, but she taught me exactly how to do it so that it’s natural while giving your face that finished look. I was so excited when she handed me the mirror and it didn’t look like a dark clumpy mess, instead they were smooth, filled, and shapely.

There’s a reason why they looked so perfect: brow powder. Using a powder product allows a dry application which blends loosely and by applying it with an angle brush you can get the powder into the ridges where it mostly needs to do its job. I’ve had friends use everything from pencil to eyeliner gel to mascara to no avail in order to get flawless brows. That’s why I had to share this week’s Beauty BugNatural Brow Powder from European Wax Center–because you beautiful ladies don’t deserve to keep struggling with the wrong methods anymore. My eyebrows are almost black so I bought it in Venice and my girl recommended I use the lighter shade in the palette and only use the darker if you’re going for a more dramatic make-up look. Get to filling!


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