How Lipstick Got On Pigskin

“Go for good penetration.”

Does your mind slide to the dirty side when you hear that? So does Deb Durst’s whenever she hears that phrase during a football game. She joined forces with her good friend Jill Rubin, and they wrote their first book “There’s Lipstick on My Pigskin,” an A to Z dictionary of football terminology with a woman’s take. It’s the first in a series of satirical play books the duo plans on releasing. Durst, a previous marketing professional, employed her skills from her past career into their book tour. They abide by the NFL schedule, stopping at bars and other fan gathering places on the weekends, making their way through New Jersey and Pennsylvania, to promote their book. Born into a family of Eagles’ fans—her dad owned season tickets for quite some time—her love for sports inevitably found its main stage in her career. Durst, who’s age is described in the book’s introduction as “We don’t qualify for early bird specials” talked about how men see the book, what sport is next in the series, and the controversy that has haunted the NFL this 2014-2015 season.

Kat: Where did you come up with this idea?

Deb Durst: Actually, I was watching a football game and the announcer said a term, and I started to chuckle to myself, because I often do that. And I was like, Wow, that could really mean something else [for] females who really know nothing about the sport. And then I called my girlfriend and I was like, Listen to this idea and she started to chuckle and she was like, “oh my gosh Debbie that’s it!” So I was like ok you start working on some words and I’ll start working on some words and then we’ll compare notes and we’ll build it from there.

How have men received the book?

You know what the men call it, they call it their bathroom book.


Oh yeah! When they’re in the bathroom they pick it up and they read a few and they laugh. It’s not a novel, it’s a dictionary style book and it’s written that way because of the football terms. They call it their bathroom book. Mmhmm. I’m okay with that!

Have you always had this comedic gift? Has anyone ever told you before you should write a book?

Well, yeah, because I have a hidden twitter account, and I won’t identify myself on it. And I’ve used that there to test a lot of things that are rolling around in my head, and I get to see what people say, and how they respond to me, and I’ll say hmm that sounds like something I could work with. But you’ll never see the F word, I don’t do the F word. I refuse to do the F word!

Any other words that are taboo?

Actually when we were writing the book we really kept it clean. My mother read it and she’s a pillar of the Catholic church and she’s like “ok I blushed a few times,” and I said, “Mom, you had four children, please.”

What do your kids think of the book, have they read it?

No they didn’t read it, but they were there all along when I was laughing to myself writing.

Have you picked a sport for the next one?

Oh we’re already half way through hockey and we’re about a quarter of the way through the baseball one.

Where’s your favorite place to watch Eagles games?

I actually really enjoy it at home. I enjoy Sunday dinners and that’s probably because I was raised—we were always together for Sunday dinner.

With everything going on in the NFL right now, do you have any words of encouragement for female fans that might feel disappointed with the league?

I’m really impressed that they have hired a group of females to come on board and I know one of them who was hired and I am so proud of her. I know she is going to make great strides to turn them around, so I’m elated for her and I’m elated for the NFL because they have a gem and I know she’s going to do a lot for them. She’s been involved in domestic violence the last 20 years, and she comes in and she writes policy and she talks to companies about how to handle the victims, how to handle domestic violence in the workplace. It’s very encouraging, and knowing that she’s on the team makes me feel good about it.

What’s the most Jersey thing about you?

I run out of middle fingers at every circle. Thank god they’re taking them away!

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