Everything You Need to Know About Where Beyonce’s Nip Slip Occurred

Beyonce has taken full advantage of LA living, fashion included. Who wouldn’t strut around town in a crop chambray top when there’s no sign of snowflakes in the forecast? When the rest of us common folk have nip slips no one takes notice and we can recover from our embarrassment privately. Unfortunately for Bey, eyes (and cameras) follow her everywhere. So much so that her wardrobe malfunction made the evening and morning headlines: Braless Beyonce. The widely circulated photos of her nip slip were snapped as she and hubby Jay-Z walked out of the West Hollywood restaurant Gracias Madre, where the On the Run couple were feasting while Bey’s nips were still sheltered from the paparazzi lense.

If you thought Beyonce wasn’t serious about vegan cuisine, her trip to Gracias Madre shut that down. With the recent news of a vegan meal delivery service, 22 Days Nutrition, Beyonce has begun to put her stamp on vegan-living. Perhaps moving to LA will make it easier for Bey to commit 100% to a vegan diet, since the city has some of the finest vegan restaurants. Gracias Madre is among them. The restaurant has fed the likes of Common and Amber Rose.

So what can one eat at this favorite of vegan connoisseurs? It isn’t just tofu to go, that’s for sure. You probably like Mexican food: tamales, guacamole, enchiladas. At Gracias Madre you’re feasting on your food truck favorites without the guilt of stuffing your stomach to the brink of explosion. It’s no food truck though, it’s an upscale dining experience. But guess what? You don’t  have to have the Carters’ bank account to dine there. The most expensive option on the dinner menu is $18! Healthy and affordable? I’m with it.

Gracias Madre is a personal favorite. I’ve been pescetarian for about 8 years (and for months at a time I’ve gone vegan). I’ve tried my fair share of vegan restaurants, all of which I’ve enjoyed. The thing is, I’m a taco-fiend. I crave guac like my existence depends on it. When I had the pleasure of eating at Gracias Madre last year during a vacation in LA, I couldn’t believe my taste buds. It was so delicious that we ended up ordering more.

The ambiance is what seals the deal. With a bar spanning the majority of one wall on inside and an outdoor garden with picnic bench seating, you’ll never want to eat anywhere else. Apparently the rest of LA seems to feel the same way. Don’t bank on walk-ins, this place is always poppin’ (sans Bey’s nipples though!) so plan ahead and book a reservation.

Have you dined at Gracias Madre before? Drop a line below with your opinions and your fav dish on the menu or tweet me about it @katerinatorres!


What was rockin’ at the #RocNationBrunch?

Yesterday my Instagram feed was filled with all photos captioned #RocNationBrunch. While I double-tapped on the endless photo stream of beautifully dressed celebs and dynamic group photo ops, I was left with a few questions, as I’m sure were the rest of you.

  1. The first potential situation I visualized was Kim Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon at the same event. Remember how Adrienne used to date Kim’s baby brother Rob? And then there’s that little social media scuffle between Bailon and the Kardashian sisters after the Latina magazine cover story on Bailon highlighted her regret for being on the show and that past relationship. Not that the #RocNationBrunch seemed like the most intimate of affairs, but definitely a smaller gathering than other pre-Grammy festivities. Was there eye contact? Did Kim congratulate Adrienne on her recent engagement? Did Adrienne compliment Kim’s new short do?
  2. While we’re on the topic of party planning, what was the brunch food? Was there no foodies in the mix there because I saw zero food porn pics. I’m highly disappointed considering Beyonce just launched a vegan meal delivery service and I was hoping to hear about some vegan offerings at the brunch. You know, in case a late invite came my way.
  3. Beyonce posed with hubby and Willow Smith. After the New York Times articles, where the Smith kids’ abstract theories on life had all of us like “huh?” I’m curious what the Queen and the two child geniuses conversed on. Did Bey spark up dialogue on her version of feminism and then Willow was like hol’ up hol’ up,  “…you think about what you think, which is very dangerous.”
  4. Rihanna joined Kanye and Paul McCartney on the track “FourFiveSeconds,” so we know her and Kanye are cool. Can Rihanna and Kim really stand more that FourFiveSeconds with each other though? I mean as much as Kim shows her lovely naked lady lumps, with a simple tongue out photo Rihanna steals back the throne of sensuality. There appeared to be more candid pics of Rihanna than Beyonce, so was Bey like “hop off my throne, I’m the host of this ish”?
  5. What made Kanye laugh? There’s such limited quantity of smiling pictures of Kanye that even his Grammy seat placeholder is a pic of him mean-mugging. At the #RocNationBrunch, however, Kanye seemed to be in his element. I’ve never seen so many photos of this man looking genuinely happy. Who had the joke that cracked Kanye’s smile?
  6. Last night Big Sean had a concert and from the looks of the backstage IG evidence, guests made their way from the #RocNationBrunch to his concert. Who rode with who? Does everyone ride in their own limo? Was it a last minute invite Big Sean threw out there over eggs and mimosas?

I’m not sure the Grammy’s will be any fun after such a star-studded brunch yesterday, but we’ll watch to judge the dresses anyways. In the meantime, will someone who attended yesterday’s #RocNationBrunch please come forward and answer these questions?