Couch Correspondent: 2014 Billboard Music Awards

I woke up this morning slightly regretting not watching Devious Maids last night in order to watch the Billboard Music Awards. What can I say, they hooked me from the get with the triple Latino threat: Pitbull, JLo, and Claudia Leitte. Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Brazil–BOOM. How was I not going to watch?

The rest of the awards show though was mediocre, aside from Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea performing ‘Problem’ and whether you liked it or not you woke your ass up when you saw Michael Jackson dancing on the stage. Here’s the moments that gave us something to laugh–or cringe–at throughout last night’s BBMAs:

Kardashian/Jenners do not belong behind a mic

I was delighted to see a younger sibling take the stage for once, and even more Kendall Jenner because she’s always seemed to be the shyer of the bunch and also the softest. She looked gorgeous–man I wish I could rock an open-back outfit like that–and her speech started off great. You can tell the nerves overpowered her as the words started pouring out of her mouth at a faster rate and then the fail. She started to say One Direction, wrong boy band. All she had to do was read off a teleprompter. I don’t buy the whole “I left my contacts at home” excuse. If you know you’re presenting, do you not make sure you can see? I’m a big Khloe fan but let’s be honest, she was hard on the eyes and ears during her stint on X Factor. We should let them stick to reality TV.

Over the Jokes
Solange and Sterling felt the burn of jokes on the show and I wasn’t really laughing, at all. Mark Cuban doesn’t really do it for me and when he’s trying to be funny, the delivery of the jokes doesn’t make it. Not enough has been stirring in the pot of entertainment gossip so we’re clinging to the only two events. I’m tired of hearing Sterling’s name, can we stop giving him attention? He’s a waste of syllables.

I got one less problem because of this
We all love the song ‘Problem’, don’t lie, it was number one on iTunes for a reason, because y’all were buying it! I’m such an Arianator. I love black and white so clearly I was all into her dress and boots. Sure her dance moves are awkward to watch but not because they’re completely bad, more because she’s so young looking that it almost feels inappropriate. It never feels right to watch a Nickelodeon/Disney star bust out with risqué hip shaking. In due time we’ll get over it, her moves will be polished, and her look will mature. Her voice is the shit though so don’t lose steam with her!

The Moonwalking Dead
Ugh. Ehh. Yay. Meh. That’s how I felt about Michael Jackson’s revival on the stage. I love the King of Pop and true no one could ever be him, but does that mean we have to have him past his time alive? It was a little bit creepy to see him full of fake life. I enjoyed the performance because I love his music and I’ll never not want to see his moonwalking skills. Still, let’s let him rest peacefully. Plus MJ was a total perfectionist so I just sat there cringing at the thought of how unhappy it would have made him if any move had gone wrong.
Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Winter/Billboard Awards 20

Shakira Self-PDA
This is the second time I’ve seen Shakira perform ‘Empire’ which allows her to show off her rocker background. Rocker Shakira is a badass, can ya tell? She’s all feeling up on herself, wind in the hair, dress flapping all over the place. She’s what we all think we look like when we’re trying to be sexy, except we actually look pathetic and Shakira just looks….well….lust-worthy.




In Defense of the In Between

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Why can’t I just be single, but into someone, without everyone pushing me around about my ‘nonexistent’ ability to be in a relationship?

The past few weeks I’ve read a number of articles that range from the top 10 reasons to be single in your twenties to why it’s amazing to marry young. A few days ago I finally received a link to the hidden gem of dating articles, the needle in a haystack I’ve been searching for, a Thought Catalog piece “Sometimes It Makes More Sense To Be Single” that my best friend sent me with the subject line of the email reading: this. The piece opens with the writer expressing the shocking response her aunt gave when hearing her autobot response to the dreaded, no men in your life? Instead of the expected accolades on why you’re so deserving of a good man, her aunt told her, “It would kill you, It would kill you to be tied down like that. Some people aren’t meant for that life. Like butterflies, you have to let them fly. You have to fly.” This quote got me. It literally managed to scramble into a sentence the overwhelming worry I get when I think about having a boyfriend. So much so that I’ve spent the past three days telling my mom “I’m a butterfly mom, I can’t be held down, I must fly.” She’s so over it and definitely wishes I’d never gotten my beady eyes on this article.

What people fail to realize is that even though it would kill me to be tied down, that doesn’t mean I want to be lonely. That doesn’t mean I’m anti-relationship. It doesn’t have to be black or white, I rest easy somewhere in the gray. Let me explain.

The same day my bff sent me that link, I went to see my year-long fling. He’s more than a friend, but less than a boyfriend. For the past year this arrangement has worked for us. We could spend up to a month without communication and it doesn’t bother me. He has a busy work schedule and I’m trying to pull through an intense three semester Masters program at NYU. But any time I need someone by my side, or he need me, we are there for each other. There is never the pressure of everyday expectations and it’s perfect. We sometimes joke around about marriage, moving to California together, how we’ll raise our kids. It’s fun. For those moments when we’re present, we allow ourselves to feel all it could feel to be in a relationship, the fantasy of what we know cannot be our reality, at least not now, and then we’d part ways flying our separate directions like the little butterflies we are. There’s real feelings, but there’s also real selfishness.

In that gray area, I’m able to have a relationship without having a relationship. I’m able to tell someone what’s on my mind. I’m able to be my weird self. I can burp. I can literally shove mounds of food in my mouth. I can talk Spanglish. I can take the weeks alone when I need to focus on school and work. I can tie my hair up in a bun. I can say feed me! I can cry. I can laugh. I can stroll in with no make-up on. I could probably even get away with farting in front of him, though I’d never do such a thing. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t have someone in my life that allows me to be myself, the way everyone in a relationship claims to feel in such a distinct manner. In fact, I think there’s an even greater comfort without the pressure of a relationship. This works for me.

Why is it that if I’m 23 (almost 24 yikes) and single, I have to be labeled bitter or even worse, thirsty? Or if I’m choosing to be single, why do I have to be a commitment phoebe? Something MUST be wrong with me. I must be broken. Useless as a potential girlfriend. There’s barely anyone who supports the fact that I’m single because I choose to be while still able to appreciate a special bond with someone. We have a relationship of our own we’ve created. It may be unconventional to you, but it works just fine for me. Sure, I could totally marry that man, but I don’t want to find out until I’ve flown where I need to fly.

4 Ways Not To F*** Up Mother’s Day

Cinco de Mayo is easy to celebrate, the marketing gods have made it so. You buy a couple Coronas, dab that margarita glass in salt, and gulp away. It’s literally mindless. But there’s another holiday that creeped up on us, like way too fast. Mother’s Day.

Last year in my house Mother’s Day was a disaster. We all had fault minus the matriarch. My mami was pissed that her Mother’s Day felt so thoughtless, arguments broke out, and we ended up doing nada but fighting. Her biggest argument was that she didn’t even have a card waiting on her to wake up. My bad.

I’m honestly so not mushy when it comes to ‘special’ gifts. I start brainstorming gift ideas for Christmas in late October because it takes me just that long to figure out the right gift. Everyone drops hints about what they’d like to be gifted to them but those fly right over my head. Unless you physically show me something and say I WANT IT, I’m clueless.

I’m working on this problem.

So this year my sister brought to my attention, “What are we doing for Mother’s Day, remember last year? We gotta get it right.”


The past few weeks amidst the end of an internship, reporting and writing for my final feature of this NYU grad course, and trying to squeeze in a mediocre amount of time to hit the gym for a boost of those things called endorphins, I’ve also been flexing my brain to think up some good ways to make my mami feel ‘special’ this year.

Here’s what I got (in case you’re bad at this too):

A CARD. This year I will not forget a greeting card. It’s the simplest part of a gift, but the one I forget to every time. As a matter of fact, I’m scouting for one of those obnoxiously large cards just to make the point that I’m trying here.

photo 2

THE MEAL. Breakfast in bed would have been my saving grace last year. Except that my mother is the first one up, and I’m a morning person but she still has me beat. But I’m a graduate student with a ton of debt, so taking the family out to a restaurant isn’t within my means. Want to make it all emotional and sappy like mom’s want? Make her the first meal she taught you how to cook. It might be the simplest meal but when you tell her the thought behind it, she’ll be weak in the knees with adoration for ya. Plus anytime she doesn’t have to cook, it feels like a holiday to her!


An INSTAGRAM COLLAGE. Let’s be real, it’s not a celebration until there’s a collage on Instagram to prove it. If your mom is on social media like mine is, she’ll appreciate the public shout out. My mami calls likes ‘hits’ and she loves knowing how anything with her in it does in terms of said ‘hits’ when it goes up.


THE GIFT. Never get a mom stuff for the house on Mother’s Day. It’s like saying, “Hey I really like how good the house smells so here’s some more of your favorite candles!” Fail. Moms appreciate an experience that differs from their everyday lives. If your mom is a stay at home, get her out of the house! If your mom is an out-of-home workaholic, find her some relaxing activities. My mom and I love anything entertainment. So I’m thinking some tickets to see our favorite Dancing With The Stars brother/sister duo might do the trick. Told you I’m trying to pick up on the hints!


If you can get it together, like I hope I’m able to this year, you’re going to give mami a million reasons why she’s grateful to have put up with you all these years!

Who Could Be The Next Gloria Estefan?

Come on shake your body baby do the conga, wait for Gloria Estefan’s broadway show you won’t have to do much longer! 

The DAILY NEWS reported yesterday that the musical based on Gloria Estefan is set to hit Broadway as soon as 2015. Not only do we get to see her trajectory played out on the stage, but we also get a reality show out of the deal too. Since reality TV and competitions marry so nicely, the show will feature the hunt for actresses to portray Estefan.

While they get on that, I have a few suggestions for Latinas I’d like to see play Estefan, if they wanted to give a wack at Broadway and I had it my way.

Selena Gomez

Come on, don’t tell me you don’t see a little resemblance? Dot a beauty mark under her right eye and have her whip her hair to create a little extra poof and there you have it, mini Gloria Estefan.

Demi Lovato

Lovato can evoke deep and dark emotions as she’s shown us in her music video for Skyscraper, for example. Estefan went through a rough recovery after nearly dying in a car crash back in the 90’s. If there’s a Latina that can tap into the emotions involved when overcoming a hardship that brings your career to a hault, it’s my girl Demi. Plus Lovato’s got pipes!

Becky G

The singer/rapper on the uprise would nail this. Talk about a relentless strive for success. Becky G is young and fierce and comfortable with who she is. She’s covered JLo’s Jenny from the Block with her own Becky from the Block, so we already know she’s not scared to tap into the greats!

Photo courtesy of @iambeckyg instagram

Latin Restaurants Are Vegetarian Friendly Too

Latin cuisine can be challenging for vegetarians, since meat always tends to be the main staple of any dish. With the number of Latin restaurants on the rise, it’s important to know which ones have something to offer besides salads. These five restaurants allow your taste buds to flair up for savory Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Colombian food, while not breaking any rules.

$=Under $15 | $$=Over $15

Café con Leche

Where: 424 Amsterdam Avenue

The good news is that there’s a part of the menu dedicated to vegetarian options, so it’s easy to find the food that suits your vegetarian diet. The bad news is that the vegetarianos  dishes are just variations of vegetables seasoned differently Try a batida after your meal as a sweet dessert. The shakes come in any tropical fruit flavor. 

Scene: If you want to feel like you’re at the neighborhood cafeteria, this is where you want to go grab lunch. It’s a small space with a casual appeal; when the weather warms up, they set up tables out front. Sipping cafe con leche with the sun warming my wind-burned winter skin? Don’t mind if I do.

Tip: If you’re vegan you might have to consult further because the options are labeled vegetarian, not necessarily vegan.

Prices: $


Yerba Buena

Where: 23 Avenue A

If you’re a pescatarian, this place has tons of seafood dishes from appetizers to entrees by the renowned chef Julian Medina. They also have a fries menu where you can get avocado or hearts of palm fries, and let’s be real, it’s not a Latin meal without some avocado. 

Scene: Wooden floors, white leather chairs, and an exposed brick wall offer up a modern decor, but at the expense of your wallet. Yerba Buena is too pricey to be a regular spot, but perfect if you need to impress someone with the kind of place that garnishes the plates and drinks to make each meal look like a work of art. 

Tip: The only vegetarian items on the menu are the vegetable sides; luckily they aren’t plain vegetables. Everything has a little Latin spice. 

Prices: $-$$



Where: 400 E 57th Street

The only entrée containing the word vegetarian is possibly the sole meal you need to care about, a paella vegetariana. It’s not everyday you eat a paella, in fact you probably don’t know how to make one yourself, but at Sofrito you can indulge in this special dish. This menu has no other dishes labeled as vegetarian, which means you’ll have to spend the time going through the whole menu line by line .

Scene: It’s the perfect place to go for a special occasion. Under dim lighting, waiters/waitresses seat you and even open up your napkin to place it on your lap. This is a  celebrity hot spot, and everyone dresses the part so don’t come in your sweats. And prepare to swipe your card like an A-lister, too, because the experience doesn’t come cheap.

Tips: You should make a reservation because this place gets packed.

Prices: $$


Havana Central

Where: 151 W 46th Street

A stuffed pepper is the only vegetarian attraction on this menu. Anything marked (V) is safe for your feasting. 

Scene: Enjoy your meal in a spacious two floor venue with a tropical flare. Luckily this spot has two floors considering its Times Square location.

Tips: There’s a vegetarian section to this menu, but it contains one item.

Prices: $$


Bogota Bistro

Where: 141 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

Not only does this spot have vegetarian and vegan options, but they also offer gluten free food, and it’s all labeled on the menu. They even have two gluten free fryers, which shows they care about your dietary needs. And finally, you can have some Latin vegetarian lentil soup. 

Scene: Art depicting Latino icons and culture cover the walls, giving this place a traditional comfort. This is the one restaurant on the list that requires you to venture out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn, but it’s worth it for some Colombian eats.

Tips: There are a lot more gluten free options than vegetarian and vegan. 

Prices: $



Why witnessing mistakes gone viral still won’t help you seal a skid-free fate.

James Franco landed on the homepage of every website a few weeks ago after some awkward exchanges with a fan got leaked. The actor used Instagram direct message to try to get a hotel room with a Scottish tourist, who turned out to be 17 years-old visiting NYC with her mum. She later exposed their private messages to the world via that other little social media network called Twitter. 

Stories like Franco’s go viral, initiating trending hashtags, and opening up the floodgates of criticism. Headlines read, “The Thirst Is Real: James Franco Tries to Bag A 17-Year-Old Girl On Instagram, Fails Miserably” allowing us to join in laughing and ridiculing him for getting into an embarrassing situation. He should know better, right? We would know better, definitely. But do we? And do we know any better after watching these mishaps blow up our trending feeds? 

Unfortunately these are human mistakes, social media simply magnifies them by putting every user in the public court of opinion. We tend to think that if we could take preventative measures we would. I beg to differ. No matter how much we tweet, comment, and share others’ mistakes, we will inevitably repeat them ourselves.

Rewind back to November, when a video surfaced of Justin Bieber sleeping. The multi-talented girl he seemed to have been with—she filmed and made selfie appearances on the video—was showing him off like some sort of conquest. The 15-second video originally posted on YouTube might seem trivial, but it was covered by outlets ranging from TMZ to the LA Times. The lesson was that a celebrity allowed himself to be in a vulnerable predicament and a fan used it for her 15-seconds of fame. But did James Franco skip out on reading the headlines that day in November?

After his messages were posted for all to read, Franco addressed the issue the following day. During his appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael he said he was embarrassed and is a model for how social media could get you into sticky situations.

“Not only do I have to go through the embarrassing kind of rituals of meeting someone,” said Franco on the show, “sometimes if I do that then it gets published for the world and now it’s doubly embarrassing.” 

Bieber and Franco were not the first to be blasted and they most definitely won’t be the last. As Franco acknowledged, social media is how many people are meeting these days. I’m certain that has led to some tinges of embarrassment for plenty, even the least public person.

Then there are the more serious offenses. Justine Sacco, no celebrity but just a communications director for a major company, tweeted what she must have thought a joke, but the rest of the world found insanely offensive. Her tweet, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” stirred an uproar. The hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet was trending while she was in flight not realizing she had gone viral. 

Sacco deleted her Twitter account hours later, presumably upon landing and turning her phone on to find the worldwide trending topic with her name. The moment her Twitter account got deleted, the world knew Justine had indeed landed. But Sacco had already lost her job. The lesson was in plain sight, if you make a racially driven, and offensive, comment, no matter how private the status of your person is, on social media you run the risk being exposed and scrutinized worldwide. And most importantly, what you perceive to be a joke might not be universally accepted, and that means you are guaranteed no immunity.

But just a few months later the Comedy Central camp found themselves in similar hot water after the Colbert Report account tweeted, “I’m willing to show the #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.” The line was from one of Stephen Colbert’s usual satirical skits, but taken out of its context and into a single tweet format delivered zero laughs. What it did deliver was the trending hashtag to #CancelColbert. The tweet was deleted, as goes the cycle, though the discussion stayed very much alive.

These are cyclical mistakes—as I write this someone is making the same ones—so no one needs to worry about the possibility that there won’t be anyone to judge. We will continue to involve ourselves in these viral mishaps, offering up timelines full of 140-character opinions and mockery, but we also lend ourselves to the same mistakes. Although the medium is technology, the ideas and actions are human and those won’t ever be fool-proof. Here’s to hoping you don’t end up the next hashtag!

Selena Gomez Breaks Up With The Jenners

BREAKING NEWS! Well, it was a few days ago anyways. Earlier this week Perez Hilton reported that Selena Gomez unfollowed her besties Kylie and Kendall Jenner on Instagram. And to throw salt in the wound, she also got rid of their selfie shots together. OUCH. This is exactly how it goes down in most relationships that end badly, so algo serio must have happened. It got me thinking about the mentality of unfollowing on social media. Because it’s definitely a thing now. It’s a statement with purpose.

Whenever I have an amiga who’s relationship is on the rocks–or completely over–they always come to me asking, “should I unfollow him on Twitter & Insta and unfriend him on Facebook?” My answer is almost always, YES. Many people would argue that this is immature and unnecessary. I say there’s just no way around it.

Social media allows everyone to show who they want the world to see them as, and oftentimes after a breakup or fallout (this can happen with friends too) it’s used as a tool to hurt the other half of the broken relationship. If you’re broken hearted, or just hurt, swiping up and down a feed full of subliminal messages via memes, gifs, photos, or just words, will only cause more heartache.

Everyone’s fear is always that the unfollowee will think less of you when they realize you are no longer keeping tabs on their every public move. The thing is, the act of unfollowing isn’t about them or what they think, it’s about you. The real purpose of moving forward on this is to give yourself peace of mind and actual space to move on. With the constant suffocation of knowing what they’re up to, the time you’re suppose to spend healing is actually spent pining over their posts. You’ll overthink the meaning of their every social media move and suddenly you’re not in a relationship with them, but you are with their feed. In the end, you’re the only one losing and with every subtweet they post, you’re practically getting broken up with over and over again.

I’ve deleted/unfollowed a guy and friend or two. Did I ever regret it? Nope. Why? Because I got to move along with my life and not have to be an outsider watching theirs play out without me. So if Miss Gomez had a falling out with her gal pals and decided to excommunicate them from her social media life, I say, do it boo! And if you need to do the same with tu ex novio, I’ll back you up.

Challenge: Give The Nice Guy A Standing Chance

The one who doesn’t call. The one who won’t invite you on a date. The one who’s too busy. The one who only texts you after midnight. The one who asks you to pay. The one who insults you. The one who embarrasses you in public. The one who incessantly tweets about hoes. The one who only wants to see you once a week. The one who classifies women as side chicks and main chick. The one with two cell phones. The one who knows he’s attractive. The one who only wants to sext you.

Ok so you get it. It’s the guy that’s caused us all, at least once, to ruin a pillow case (or two) with an artistic smear of mascara, eyeliner, snot, and tears. Can you tell I’m speaking from experience? Though I hope no poor soul has had to deal with all of these qualities packed into one bad guy because they don’t make enough pillow cases canvas all that artwork. Unfortunately, this is the guy we pine over. We just can’t get enough of him and his bad ass ways.

While the bad ass keeps treating you, well… bad, the good guy is in the shadows annoyed as shit that you’re wasting so much of each other’s time. Because guess what, you aren’t going to marry the bad ass. The bad ass won’t be a good father to your children. He won’t be home for dinner every chance he gets. He won’t think up the most romantic proposal which will become a viral hit. Nah. That’s what the good guy does. And while you’re off galavanting, on a high from the one night the bad guy has offered you, someone else is getting ready to snatch up your good guy.

I had this back up plan since high school. This guy friend, much too nice for me to ever give the time of day back then, and I would talk here and there. I knew that whoever became his future had a bright and loving one ahead. My best friend and I would joke over the idea that I should consider him marriage material in the future, should I find myself looking for a suitable mate. My plan was, if nothing panned out how I’d imagine, I’d stick with him. Now I’m not suggesting settling, that’s something else we’ll get into in a future post, but he was the good guy I was sure I would need and some day be able to appreciate.

He would plan dates and I would cancel last minute. I once showed up to one of our dates in sweatpants. Yes, sweatpants. Rude, I know, I know! All the while, I didn’t realize I was pushing him further out of my plan and smack dab in the center of another lucky lady’s. He was a gentleman and I was in college dying to be treated like shit.

Recently he got into a relationship. I always took those as jokes, since he’d been in and out of a few over the years we knew each other and because he’d always come back to me. This girlfriend, however, seemed different. Something felt more concrete, and suddenly I wanted to vomit. There it was, my go-to good guy, swept off his feet by a woman who was ready, before me, to accept all of his goodness. Not that I think I would have ended up with him, but you know when the opportunity is no longer there is when you want it most.

The whole debacle gave me far too much angst. I couldn’t continue to make a joke of the good guys knowing how this played out.

So with that, I’m challenging myself to open up to the good guys. Let them take me on a date without me showing up in sweats or canceling. Let them say sweet things to me without me embarrassing them for doing so. Let me not ruin their efforts, or worst, friend zone them, before they even get a chance to show themselves. Maybe then, I’ll fall for the good guy.

The Challenge: Go on a date with that really nice guy that’s asked you out more than three times and who you’ve repeatedly denied. Maybe you won’t like him or… maybe you will?


Couch Correspondant: 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Aside from the awesome movie clips, Zac Efron’s abs, and Grumpy Cat, the MTV Movie Awards were far from riveting. I wonder what thoughts stand behind choosing Conan O’Brien to host this. Honestly, if it’s not Ellen DeGeneres, it probably won’t do it for me. Either way the night had a few highlights that deserve to be recognized for their ability to keep us going till 11:10 p.m.


  1. The pre-show puppies. Did you see those little fluff balls? I die. The small pooches provided the “awwww” needed at the red carpet during the pre-show. Though I do think they could have done without the astronaut costume that had one puppy struggling to see.
  2. Zac Efron’s abs. The actor won for best shirtless and we understand why. The tan and toned torso was exposed by Rita Ora during his acceptance speech. All of you ladies should go thank Rita Ora now. From the looks of the photos that captured the moment, it seems like Ora had quite the good time undressing Efron. And Efron was getting all of the action with the ladies as he took part in an onstage kiss when presenting the best kiss award. Lucky ladies.
  3. Grumpy Cat is front row status. The cat, whose grumpy face made him a viral sensation, sat front row at the awards. As if that didn’t make him enough of a star, he stole some fashion tips from Pharrell, wearing the hat the accompanies all of the artist’s ‘Happy’ performances. I’m not a cat lady, but I’m so about Grumpy Cat.
  4. Lupita’s first fashion mishap? I’ve been drooling over Lupita Nyong’o’s flawlessness all awards season, and then last night happened. What went wrong?! I’m never a fan of fashion that looks as though it was inspired by the junk drawer in my high school art classroom. Nyong’o knows how to pull off any color, but that doesn’t mean she should attempt every color. I’m disappointed, but she’s still flawless.
  5. Nicki Minaj needs us to see her booty. No serious, even in a more conservative look than we’ve seen her, the rapper now dabbling in acting could not control herself from standing in a way to show off her side profile while gracing the stage with the women of The Other Woman. I’m not 100% sure on the stats on this, but I’m pretty positive that everyone knows she has a lot of junk in the trunk. Just saying.

Photos credit: MTV

Spanish Chicas Throw Down!

This video making its way through the viral tide of the internet and with good reason. These little chiquitas were recorded during their first judo match. One of the little grasshopper’s father posted the video and, after seeing it go viral, wrote on his Facebook page “Oooleee mi pequeña q grande es en todo.el.mundoo” Sophia Grace and Rosie slide over, we got two Spanish girls with fighting power stealing a bit of the limelight! Seriously though, I could use a lesson or two? Llamame!

Original Video on PJ Judo Facebook